Fast Contactless Charging Specifications
  • High power ultrafast 100kW
  • Thin profile for easy installation on the road
  • Water cooled for high demands and reliability
  • Energy buffer with 30kWh battery pack
  • No need for high current fuse
  • Bidirectional charger
  • Remote control and maintenance


Battery Management Specifications
  • Automatic bottom balancing
  • Battery cassettes approximately 3 kWh each
  • Easy cassette swap in maintenance operations and on the road if necessary
  • Battery cell over-usage protection (capacity control)
  • Remote maintenance via cellular network
  • Over/under temperature protection
  • Over/under voltage control
  • Capacity control
Electric Drivetrain System Integration
  • Selection of components combined with software for smooth and reliable operation
  • Preventive maintenance for components
  • Motor and inverter combination 250kW
  • 1800Nm torque
Range extender



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